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The founders of 'Quesos Lominchar' begin their journey as cheese makers in 1991, transforming the   milk of their own sheeps into cheese.

'Quesos Lominchar, S.L.' focuses its activity on creating and promoting its own production  through the creation of its brands, innovation in the production and certification of the production of its products with the Appellation of Origin 'La Mancha'.

Currently 'Quesos Lominchar, S.L.' has a cattle farm of about 2000 own heads and they  buy around 1,130,000 liters of milk from the cattlemen of the surroundings. With this they reach a total of 1,500,000 liters of milk, which give approximately 283,000 kg. Cheese per year, 95% of that with the Appellation of Origin 'La Mancha'.

'Quesos Lominchar, S.L.' commitment to modern facilities adapted to artisanal production in relatively small volumes and a mostly mechanical production, which today ensures a higher quality of the product. In parallel they put great efforts in the innovation of genetics and methods of raising their cattle, thanks to which they gradually achieve a constant production, less and less dependent on the natural periods of production.

The company 'Quesos Lominchar, S.L.' has a familiar and handmade character, committed to the local culture and a very high quality production. It is valued to create  quality products and great exclusivity over the generation of volumes.

Our tradition linked to hard and committed work makes us one of the best cheeses in the world. Our goal is always to improve in order to offer a unique, different product that does not leave indifferent   those who have the opportunity to taste it.